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Multi-specialist in Personal and
Household Services since 1992

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agencies, of which 70 franchises


hours spent with elderly and disabled people in 2015

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About Apef Services

Created in 1992 near Montpellier, Apef Services is a multi-specialist in personal and household services, with solid expertise in in-home support and housecleaning services for elderly people.

Apef Services counts over 3,000 employees. Thank to its 90 agencies, of which 70 are franchises, it is located all over France. With well-regarded service quality and closeness, the Apef Services network continues its development through its franchises.

Since 2005, the company has undertaken a quality approach (NF Services) for all its agencies and continuously keeps at heart both client and employee satisfaction.

In 2016, Apef Services has become part of the OUI CARE Group, leader in personal and household services in France.

Apef Services is truly a wonderful brand in personal and household services with extensive expertise in-home support for elderly people. The company conveys human values and a stress on proximity so dear to its founder, Christian Junik who has done an outstanding job managing Apef Services since 1992. Apef Services entered the OUI CARE Group in 2016 and will continue its franchising development in the years to come, preserving its DNA which has made it so successful.

Guillaume Richard

Guillaume Richard,
Founder and President
of the OUI CARE Group