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Published on April 27, 2017

The Oui Care Group signs a partnership to promote jobs and training in the Pays de la Loire region

The Pays de la Loire region, Pôle Emploi (the national job centre), Agefiph, AGEFOS PME and URML signed an agreement with the Oui Care Group to implement coordinated guidance, short job-accommodation trainings and apprenticeships. This program will be completed by a certifying training during the employee’s first year within the company. This unprecedented partnership agreement meets the regional recruitment needs of the company Oui Care and of its 22 O₂ agencies and local Apef Services.

By joining forces with the Oui Care Group, the home services leader in France, the Region and the major players in training are targeting one of most dynamic sectors in terms of job creations in France. The sector of home services covers all activities aiming at the well-being of people at home, notably housecleaning, childcare and elderly care. The Oui Care Group, which employs around 16,000 people in France, of with 1,600 in the Pays de la Loire region, foresees over 1,000 recruitments with permanent contracts in the Pays de la Loire in 2017.

Train 150 to 200 people as of 2017 to help recruitment of the Oui Care Group in the Pays de la Loire region

The agreement signed today between the Oui Care Group and all training-specific regional stakeholders has two objectives for the company: meet all recruitment needs and create a sense of employee loyalty. This unprecedented partnership indeed allows Oui Care to grant full training programs to assist the integration of its future employees:

  • First off, guidance programs will be managed by partners of the most local Service Public de l’Orientation (Public Service Guidance Service) to fully guarantee the future integration of these job-seekers in this sector.
  • It’s about organising a solely regional service offer with guidance, recruitment and short accommodation trainings specifically for job-seekers. A certifying training will take place during the employee’s first year within the company.

This very thorough program should allow people to slowly acquire the skill blocks in particular for the title of Assistant de vie aux familles (Personal Care Assistant for Families): :

  • First off, in partnership with Pôle Emploi, an on-the-job immersion will present job-seekers the three principle jobs of the Oui Care Group (housecleaning, childcare and personal carer), to approve their professional project.
  • An initial training before hiring is organised allowing job-seekers to quickly find a first job among their choices.
  • The job-seeker is then recruited with a permanent contract by the Oui Care Group, the latter guaranteeing a minimum of 24 working hours weekly.
  • After a period of about 6 months within the Oui Care Group, an additional training to access other jobs will be presented, allowing employees to safeguard their training program and to aspire for full-time work.

Thanks to this agreement, Oui Care benefits from direct access to training services by the Regional Council of the Pays de la Loire region and its partners, a one-stop service to send requests and ensuring a highly prompt response to its skill-specific needs.

As for the Oui Care Group and its franchises, they undertake to hire 1,000 people with permanent contracts in the Pays de la Loire region in 2017, of which 150 to 200 people will be trained within the framework of this partnership agreement. Faithful to its historic commitment of hiring disabled people, the Oui Care Group will give specific consideration to these applications.

The new “Regional Training” offer for job-seekers

To provide more productive and better-suited feedback to job-seekers and to company skill-needs, the Pays de la Loire region has changed its professional training offer to be resolutely focused on work placement.

This new offer tends to reinforce job integration as well as the performance and training measures through more accessible trainee programs and a more flexible area-specific training organisation.

Within the context of this agreement with the Oui Care Group, the Region organises and independently finances programs or relies on training measures designed and already implemented by the OPCA (accredited fund collection body for trainings) and Pôle Emploi: “VISA Métiers”, “ACCES Emploi” and apprenticeships.

Therefore, in accordance with its commitment in favour of apprenticeships and within the framework of a partnership with Oui Care, the Region will test out training programs under the professional title of Personal Care Assistant for Families on three sites in Angers, Le Mans and Nantes. Oui Care thus undertakes to welcome at least 2 apprentices in each of its apprenticeship sections made available by the Region.

Guillaume Richard, Managing Director of the Oui Care Group:

“The Oui Care Group foresees recruiting over 1,000 people in 2017 in the O2 agencies and Apef Services in the region. This partnership is great news for employment in the Pays de la Loire as it facilitates regional job-seeker training which could open doors to permanent contracts within the Oui Care Group.”