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since 2016

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About Conciergerie O₂

The first Conciergerie O₂ opened its doors in 2016, in the Camille Claudel eco-friendly neighbourhood of Palaiseau, in Paris area.
Set in the heart of residential neighbourhoods in partnership with real-estate developers, the Conciergeries O₂ aim to simplify the daily life of inhabitants, encouraging intergenerational exchanges and social mixing.

The Conciergeries O₂ provide residents wih a vast range of services: dry-cleaning, parcel and registered mail drop-off points, key-keeping, selection of service providers (housecleaning, childcare, home improvement, private tutoring…), ordering flowers, storing of small grocery shopping baskets, car-washing…

For each service offered to residents, the Conciergeries O₂ negotiate the best prices, the best delays and the best quality with its carefully selected service providers (artisans, merchants…). With the Conciergerie O₂, the residents therefore save time, money and really gain in well-being.

In 2016, committed to our mission of contributing to the daily well-being of families, we launched our first local conciergerie. The vocation of the Conciergeries O₂ is to make the lives of the inhabitants easy, to provide them with serenity and a service with genuine proximity. The success of the Palaiseau conciergerie confirms our desire to develop this concept. As of 2017, new Conciergeries O₂ will be opened in France.

Guillaume Richard

Guillaume Richard,
Founder and President
of the OUI CARE Group