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Established in Paris in 1993, AssiDom supports elderly, disabled and vulnerable people, as well as sick children, who wish to live at home with the best possible care, in the safest possible environment. At AssiDom, we care about our clients and we are committed to ensuring the highest quality of personal care, organisation and management services. In fact, AssiDom acts mainly as a representative: via an authorisation, we can help clients in their role as employers, by helping them to recruit and manage their staff. In particular, AssiDom assists its clients with administrative tasks, such as pay slips, social security declarations etc.

AssiDom is one of the first organisations for elderly, dependant or disabled people to have been awarded a quality certification. Every year, audits are carried out by SGS, an independent body, to make sure that everything is being done to ensure that the quality of our work meets client expectations.

In 2018, AssiDom became the 6th company to join the Oui Care group, alongside O2 Care services, APEF Services, France Présence, Conciergerie O2 and Interdomicilio.

We are delighted to welcome AssiDom to the Oui Care family. Anne Bourdariat, the founder of AssiDom, has done a fantastic job since 1993 and shares the values of our group, namely respect for others, precision and responsiveness.

AssiDom is the first brand in the group to offer representative-type services. With its extensive experience and knowledge, we can widen our range of services for clients who wish to employ their assistants, by helping them in this difficult task.

Guillaume Richard

Guillaume Richard,
Founder and President
of the OUI CARE Group