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Published on July 4, 2017

The Oui Care Group is now international thank to its purchase of Interdomicilio, a major player of home services in Spain.

The Oui Care Group, French leader of home services (with its brands O₂ care services, Apef Services, France Présence and the Conciergerie O₂) has just reached a turning point in its development by undertaking its first acquisition abroad. Interdomicilio, the major player in home care in Spain and also located in Portugal, Mexico and Columbia, became part of the Oui Care Group on the 4th of July, 2017.

With its first step towards international growth, the Oui Care Group now relies on 5 brands, 17,500 employees and over 400 agencies spread over 5 countries. This again demonstrates its objective of becoming the world leader in home services within the next 20 years.

With the purchase of Apef Services in July, 2016, the Oui Care Group easily reinforced its ranking as leader of home services in France. Within two years, the Group’s turnover will rise over +75%, from 152 million euros in 2015 to over 270 million euros in 2017. n euros in 2017.

The growth potential in France remains huge: the domestic market for home services is valued at around 40 billion euros. Half of it is still undeclared work. Out of the 20 billion declared, private companies only represent 8% of the market!

A very promising market worldwide

Even internationally the development perspectives are significant. The societal evolutions noticed all across the world (ageing population, increase of women working, behavioural changes of wanting to “be” instead of “have” …) present endless opportunities for home care service companies to develop.

So it’s within this world market estimated at several hundred billion euros that the Oui Care Group wants to get out there while the going is good!

First international acquisition

The Oui Care Group is presently making its first step internationally by acquiring on July the 4th, 2017, Interdomicilio, a major player in home services in Spain, also located in Portugal, Mexico and Columbia.

Created in 2010, the multi-specialist name in home services, Interdomicilio, with head offices located in Saragossa, Spain, counts 450 employees, 4,500 clients and 35 agencies spread over 4 countries.

Interdomicilio joins O₂ care services, Apef Services, France Présence and the Conciergerie O2 within the Oui Care Group, which presently boasts 17,500 employees and over 400 agencies in 5 countries. Within the next 10 years the Group foresees multiplying by 10 its turnover to reach 2 billion euros in 2026.

Guillaume Richard, President of the Oui Care Group

We are very happy to welcome the Interdomicilio teams within our Group as we share the same mission and values. This first step abroad sets a meaningful milestone in the history of the Oui Care Group. It confirms our evolution from a single-brand and single-market company to a multi-brand and multi-country Group with great ambitions for the future.

Alejandro Calle, Managing Director of Interdomicilio

To join the Oui Care Group is a great opportunity for Interdomicilio. We are convinced that the Group will allow us to solidify our leadership in home services in Spain and that our brand will significantly develop in the years to come. Interdomicilio and the Oui Care Group are in perfect alignment in terms of mission and values. We also share a common desire of enhancement and promotion of our activities to ultimately offer quality services.