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Published on November 13, 2016

The OUI CARE Group launches a new concept: the O₂ gardening franchise

The OUI CARE Group, leader of home services in France and experienced franchiser with 175 units already located in France (O₂ and Apef Services), is currently launching a new franchise concept: the O₂ gardening franchise.

Being the third most demanded care service by clients in France, home gardening is a promising market for entrepreneurs. By choosing to get started with O₂, they benefit from the brand’s reputation, its gardening expertise and personalised assistance.

With a national market valued at 5.3 billion euros in 2014 and 70% of households with a garden or patio, gardening is presently the 3rd most demanded service by clients in France.

There are in fact 15% of French people who declared having solicited outside people to tend to their garden: a trend which should become even more significant in 2017 and the years to come, notably thanks to greater tax concessions aimed at home services for both working and retired people.

O₂ already proposes gardening services in around a hundred cities in France throughout its branch office agencies network and independent gardeners. But the market potential remains immense: to meet the needs of both urban and rural clients, O₂ estimates the number of possible locations in France at about 400.

Stéphanie TAUPIN, Franchise & International Director of the OUI CARE Group:

“The launch of the O₂ franchise in gardening meets a high market demand: a demand directly from our clients but also a demand from entrepreneurs who want to engage in this promising sector, as well as O₂ franchises wanting to extend their activity to gardening and our independent gardeners who want to expand within a suitable structure.”