the group

#1 home care services company in France

10 brand, over 18 000 employees and more than 100 000 customers are at the heart of our purpose

Our vision

To become the #1 group in the world that cares the most about its employees and customers

Our mission

To offer quality time for all

Our values

To care for others - Trust - Excellence - Team spirit

Our business services

Personal services qualifying for a tax credit under article 199 sexdecies of the CGI

  • aide-a-la-personne

    Assistance for disabled persons

  • AM


  • accompagnement

    Assistance for seniors

  • GE


  • bricolage

    Home improvement

  • garde-animaux

    Pet sitting

  • jardinage


  • soutien-scolaire


  • __25812

    Home music and singing lessons

And also

Services other than personal services not eligible for tax credit

  • concierge_1


  • concierge

    Counseling and information

  • _25854

    House staff

  • produit-entretien

    Household products

  • travaux


The word "CARE" means to pay attention, to take care of someone or something. This word perfectly describes the purpose of home care services, focusing on the human being.

The Oui Care Group was born out of a strong belief: happy and fulfilled employees is the guarantee of happy customers in 99.9% of cases.

As a company, it is our responsibility to take care of our employees and to provide them with the best working environment possible to achieve their mission: satisfying our customers.

If "CARE" is at the heart of our business, we will become the first group in the world that pays the most attention to its employees and its customers... Making the Oui Care Group the world's #1 home care services company.

Guillaume Richard CEO and Founder of the Oui Care Group

Our history


Unipôles, the first services platform in France, is founded


O₂, the leading full-service provider of home services in France, is founded


Capital raised to open 83 new O₂ agencies


NF Service certification "Home care services" is granted for all O₂ agencies


Acquisition of France Présence


The first Conciergerie O₂ opens.


Acquisition of Apef Services
Creation of the OUI CARE Group, comprising the O₂ care services, Apef Services, France Présence and La Conciergerie O₂ brands


Acquisition of Interdomicilio


Acquisition of Assidom
Nounou Expert is founded
Silver Alliance is founded


Acquisition of Famihero
O₂ Travaux is founded
O₂ essentiel is founded


Compagnie des Lavandières is founded


Relocation to new headquarters
ITSAP is founded