Major operator in home care services in Spain, Portugal and Mexico

Our mission

Contributing to the daily well-being of families by providing them with quality home services.

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  • accompagnement

    Assistance for seniors

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  • bricolage

    Home improvement

About Interdomicilio

Interdomicilio is a major home care services provider in Spain, also operating in Portugal and Mexico. Founded in 2010, the company has over 700 employees, 4,500 customers and 35 branches across 4 countries. Its headquarters are located in Zaragoza, in northern Spain.

Interdomicilio caters to the needs of families through a wide range of services: home maintenance, home improvements, child care, support for the elderly, etc. Since its creation, the company has focused on the quality of its services and the expertise of its homecare workers.

We are thrilled that Interdomicilio has joined Oui Care, a group that shares our mission and values. Which is all the more important as this is the first move of the Oui Care Group abroad.

Alejandro Calle CEO of Interdomicilio