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About France Présence

Since 2002, France Présence has strived daily to provide in-home support services to elderly, disabled or ill people. With its continuous attention to people’s preferences and needs, it provides a personalised and long-term solution for these people to stay at home and remain autonomous. Today, France Présence owns 6 agencies in France and over 250 employees.

Thanks to its experience in in-home support services and the professional attitude of its teams, France Présence is a reliable partner for all advocates in in-home support services.

Its agencies guarantee a regular client follow-up with its partners, in order to pass on any relevant information regarding changes in their situation and to anticipate change in needs or services.

Since 2015, the company is a member of the National Charter for Home Services Quality as a part of its quality policy focused on the satisfaction of its clients.

For the past 14 years, France Présence has proven its know-how in the assistance and in-home support of vulnerable people. Employees at France Présence work daily to provide psychological and physical well-being to assisted people, particularly to the elderly and disabled. Studies show that 9 French people out of 10 wish to stay at home as long as possible. In that context, it is fundamental that companies such as France Présence provide the appropriate solutions.

Guillaume Richard

Guillaume Richard,
Founder and President
of the OUI CARE Group