O₂ Care Services

Leader of Personal and Household Services
in France since 1996

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agencies, of which 145 franchises


recruitments per year on average

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About O₂ care services

Each summer we can hear on the French radio: “Et moi je vois la vie en mieux, O₂!*“. Founded in 1996 by Guillaume Richard, O₂ care services was the first name in personal and household services in France.

Multi-specialist in housecleaning and ironing, childcare, gardening, adult day care, O₂ currently counts 13,500 employees and 300 agencies (of which 120 are franchises), working for 60,000 clients all over France. Granted the Personal and Household Services NF certification for its entire network, O₂ has built its success on the quality of its services and the dedication of its professionals.
*Life is better for me with O₂!

The name O₂ is also known for its predominancy as a job recruiter. With 5,000 recruitments with open-ended employment contracts per year on average, O₂ is the 6th major recruiter in France in 2017 according to Challenges magazine. From 2008 to 2013, O₂ was also the leading creator of jobs in France according to Xerfi (a research company), surpassing large French companies such as Airbus and EDF, with 6,100 defined jobs created over this period.

Since the creation of O₂ in 1996, we have always kept the same goal: bring people daily well-being and a better quality of life, be their breath of fresh air by providing quality personal and household services.
With this goal in mind, employee and client satisfaction has always been our major focus. This is actually why the name was changed to O₂ Care Services in 2016 as taking care of its employees and clients is truly the vocation of our company.

Guillaume Richard

Guillaume Richard,
Founder and President
of the OUI CARE Group