Silver Alliance

A business network of 18 companies to age well at home.

Useful solutions for your daily life

Solutions available everywhere in France

High quality solutions with at least 85% customer satisfaction

Solutions to age well at home in trust

500 000

customers in total

25 000

jobs in France

1 billion

euros is the expected cumulated total annual revenue in 2018

1 000

delivery points of « ageing well at home » catalogues

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Launched in the market on the 29th of June 2018, Silver Alliance is an entrepreneurial project led by Oui care Group and Benjamin Zimmer.

With the ongoing process of demographic transition, the population aged 60 years and older will increase by 67% in 2040 to reach 22.6 million people against 13.7 million people in 2007. Not only is this population increasing, but its characteristics and expectations are more and more subtle and vary depending on the social class, revenues, cultural background…

Such a revolution, which we are aware of, should have resulted in multiple goods and services to provide these new needs. Unfortunately, the desired result has not been achieved. Indeed, the current goods and services available in the market are unsuitable for the needs of the seniors.

This is why Silver Alliance uses simple and desirable communication tools to provide the population aged 60 years and older, clear and qualitative information about offers and solutions that have already proven their efficiency in the past. Companies that belong to Silver Alliance benefit from a strong and qualitative visibility on a website and a catalogue that is distributed directly to the seniors by the professionals. These companies also benefit from a privileged access to a network of leaders and a powerful community of entrepreneurs whose business practices have already proven their efficiency.

Our experience as a home-care service provider, combined with a competitive intelligence of the Silver Economy field corrobated every day the very urgent need of building up a global offer in order to provide the entirety of the needs and desires of the consumers aged 60 years and older wishing to age well at their homes. Only a group of companies that share the same values could take up this challenge. Similarly to Skyteam which is an emblematic alliance in the aviation industry, Oui Care has promoted Silver Alliance in the Silver Economy Field.

Guillaume Richard

Guillaume Richard,
Founder and President
of the OUI CARE Group

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